Taxation and Accountancy Package

Detailed below are the services provided within our specialist landlord's taxation & accountancy package. Essentially, it covers everything required to comply with H M Revenue & Customs self assessment in respect of landlords rental income. In addition to the compliance issues we also provide advice to minimise our clients exposure to Income Tax & Capital Gains Tax.

Services provided

  1. Register as your tax agents with H M Revenue & Customs.
  2. Prepare annual rental accounts for one residential property.
  3. Complete your personal Self Assessment return each year.
  4. Check Self Assessment return entries for contentious issues with specialist investigation risk assessment software. This highlights any entries that may be identified by H M Revenue & Customs as areas of possible enquiry.
  5. Calculate your liability to Income tax for the year.
  6. Advise you of tax payment dates & amounts due.
  7. File annual Self Assessment Return with H M Revenue & Customs.
  8. Lodge H M Revenue & Customs form SA 303 (if applicable) to reduce interim tax payments.
  9. Reconcile H M Revenue & Customs tax statements and amend as necessary.
  10. Handle all routine correspondence issued by H M Revenue & Customs.

We also provide the following as standard

  1. Proactive tax advice to minimise your exposure to income tax whilst your property is being rented.
  2. Capital Gains tax advice to reduce the Government's take when you eventually dispose of the property.
  3. We are happy to provide an estimate of your Capital Gains Tax liability if you are considering a sale at any time.
  4. Ad hoc tax advice if changes in legislation affect your tax position.
  5. A free telephone & email help line.

We liaise directly with your agent to obtain details of your rental income, and with you for personal income details.


In circumstances where clients have other business interests we will agree a fee in advance to cover this additional work.
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