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Management Consultancy

Few businesses have sufficient management resources, or indeed the spread of skills, to be able to apply a team of managers, to a strategic task. We can bridge the gap, bringing to the task their existing understanding of the client’s business, and the independence of mind of an outsider.

Our objective will be to improve the performance of your business increasing shareholder value. We will work with you so that your ambitions and quality of life can be combined into your strategic planning and development.

Our independence and an unbiased approach allow us to be objective and creative in our advice. This ensures that internal considerations, whilst being taken in to account do not unduly prejudice our reporting. Often management simply can not see the wood for the trees.

We bring to each assignment our experience and knowledge of your industry, along with expertise from other business sectors. This allows for a more broad-brush view to be taken of your organization's strengths and opportunities.


Business Development

We are here to help our clients develop their business, and achieve their own ambitions.

Growing businesses are demanding in time and management expertise, they need careful continuous monitoring, and they need management to be skilful and flexible in responding to the changes in their business and market sectors from competition, the economic climate, and technological changes. And as they grow they need to continually review the way they do business, to match their scale and resources to ensure they correctly;

Formulate strategy.

Forecast profits and cash-flow.

Develop internal financial controls.

Prepare business plans.

Manage investment or development projects.

Raising finance.

Let us satisfy your dreams by offering constructive practical solutions. We can help implement them for you, to free you to carry on the demanding day-to-day management tasks.


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